The perfect Overdyeing Thread
Chroma is a 100% mercerized cotton thread specially designed for sewing cotton garments, that are to be post dyed. Garment overdyeing is a process where the thread specially 100% cotton thread is dyed along with the dyeing of fabric. The threads meant for over dying processes are Ready for Dyeing Threads or RFD threads. The RFD threads, which are in bleached semi-white quality, have the property to absorb dyestuff molecules along with the fabric when the latter is dyed. Chroma is produced from high quality, long staple cotton specially treated under tension to provide excellent luster and higher strength. The mercerization process gives the thread a very high affinity to the dyestuffs used in the garment over dyeing process, making it an ideal choice for sewing 100% cotton garments.
The choice for versatility
V.Natura, a right choice for sewing / matt finish embroidery applications:
Shirts Blouses
Ladies Top Shorts & Pants
Trousers High Fashion Garments

Performance you can count on
  • 1. Chroma is relatively stronger than ordinary cotton thread. The higher strength to fineness ratio gives advantage of fine seam, high seam strength and smaller needle use, so garment damage is minimum.
  • 2. Chroma is engineered with a superior finish that offers excellent affinity for vat and reactive dyeing process employed in post dyeing of garment, making it suitable for ready to dyeing garments.
  • 3. The mercerization process offers excellent luster and increased strength and controlled stretch characteristics.
  • 4. Due to its high tenacity and excellent lubrication, it offers trouble free sewing and reduces thread breakage in the post dyeing/ washing process and post garment alteration are minimal.

Chroma : Complete range of sizes




30 800 9-11
35 1050 11
40 1400 14
60 1900 18
70 2350 19
90 2550 20
105 3400 21
120 3600 22
180 4200 25
270 5200 28

Physical and Chemical properties
  • Effect of Acids :Disintegrated by hot dilute acids or cold concentrated acids. Sensitive to mineral and organic acids specially if halogenated. Unaffected by weak acids
  • Effect of Alkalis :Resistant to alkali. Swelling (mercerization) in caustics giving increase in luster and tenacity.
  • Effect of Heat :Negligible -very resistant to heat degradation. Burns readily, decomposes at 1600 C. Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes yellowing and strength loss.
  • Organic Solvents :Generally unaffected by most organic solvents. Generally unaffected by Sodium hypochlorite, sodium per borate and peroxide bleaches under controlled conditions. There is a probability of strength loss if contaminated with iron during bleaching.
  • Abrasion Resistance :Abrasion Resistance is comparatively lower than Synthetic threads of polyester or Nylon
  • Tenacity :Higher than ordinary cotton thread , suitable for High Speed Stitching
  • Elongation :4 to 6%. Good needle loop formation.
  • Shrinkage :Low generally less than 4%
*Vardhman strongly recommend that sample garments are dyed and finished before proceeding to bulk production as the constituents of fibres is outside of our control