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Eureka offers two variants - Eureka Metal! and Eureka Sparkle.
Eureka Metall
Eureka Metall consists of high tenacity nylon core wrapped with metallised foil for lustre and smooth finish embroidery.
asdd Eureka Sparkle
Eureka Sparkle consists of high tenacity nylon core twisted with metallised nylon film. To give a twisted configuration, four filament of 30 denier each are twisted with 12 micron film.
sdsaq The choice for versatility
Eureka, a right choice for the following applications
  • Eureka Metall - Metallic embroidery thread
  • Eureka Sparkle - Sparkle Metallic embroidery thread

Main Uses:
  • Fashion garments
  • Casual wear
  • Logo embroidery
  • Embroidery on Leather apparel, accessories
  • Sporting and athletic clothing embroidery
  • Home Furnishings

Performance you can count on
  • A high tenacity nylon core provides strength during embroidery process.
  • Coated metallic foil protects luster during embroidery and gives a smooth finish.
  • A special application of lubrication gives advantage of running the embroidery machine at high speed.
  • A stabilizing layer between nylon core and metallic foil prevents any damage due to needle during sewing and further separation of foil and core.
  • A unique treatment ensures maximum productivity and minimum thread breakage.
Eureka : Physical Properties
Brand Name




Needle size

Singer Metric
Eureka Metall 27 1 700 11 75
Eureka Sparkle 27 1 650 9-11 65-75
Thermal Properties
  • Washing temperature should not be more than 60
  • degrees Do not bleach
  • No iron on the metallic embroidery
Chemical Properties EUREKA has good chemical resistance for textile application. It is recommended to take necessary trials before bulk production.