V.Natura, the organic cotton thread is manufactured using processes and materials(Fibre, Low impact dyes and chemicals) that meets ‘EKO Sustainable Textile Standards’ requirements. V.Natura’s organic tir are certified for Global Organic Textile Standards(GOTS) and Organic Exchange 100 (OE100) by Control Union Certification

The choice for versatility

V.Natura, a right choice for sewing:

Horne Furnishings

Performance you can count on

100% Organic Cotton construction

V.NATURA : Range Of Sizes




Singer Metric
27 550 9-10 65-70
35 650 11 75
70 1600 19 120
90 1900 20 125
105 2300 21 130
120 2600 22 140
150 3100 24 ISO


Physical and Chemical Properties :

  • 1. Effect of Acids : Unaffected by weak acids. On halogenation could be sensitive to minerals and organic acids.
  • 2. Effect of Alkalis : Resistant to alkali.
  • 3. Effect of heat : Negligible , but prolonged exposure to sunlight causes yellowing and strengh loss.
  • 4. Organic Solvents : Generally unaffected by most organic solvents. Contamination with iron during bleach can result in strength loss.

Effect of UV:

Exposure to Sunlight Gradual loss of strength and tendency to yellowing.
Mildew Resistance Weak unless treated with mildew resistant finish.
Abrasion Resistance Low in comparison to polyester and nylon.
Tenacity Lower than synthetic yams.
Elongation 3 to 6 %. Good needle loop formation.
Shrinkage Generally less than 4%.

Disclaimer :

As fibre constituents are outside our control therefore , it is recommended that trial garments are manufactured, dyed, finished before bulk production

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