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Textured Thread with a Soft Feel

Wildcat is a continuous filament texturised polyester thread used in overedge
and cover stitch machines for seaming and serging knit and woven products
to provide softness and comfort especially in “next to the skin” seams.

Wildcat, the right choice for sewing applications

Knitwear Swim wear
Lingerie Leisure wear
Sports wears Kids wear
Home Furnishings

Performance you can count on

Wildcat provides excellent seam cover. Improved seam strength ensures good seam security
Soft feel. Low shrinkage to ensure no seam distortion after washing.
Neat & comfortable seams. Superior color fastness
High extensibility Certified to oeko-tex standard 100


TEX No. Ply Average Strength
18 1 650 20-26
35 1 1300 20-26

Thermal Properties

  • melts at 250-260 degree celsius, softens at 220-240 degree celsius


Mineral Acids Resistant to most mineral acids
Alkalis Unaffected by weak alkalis, but less resistant to strong alkalis,
especially at higher temperature
Organic Solvents Generally unaffected, but soluble in some phenolic compounds
Bleaching Unaffected
Insects/Micro-organisms Unaffected
Laundering/Dry cleaning Unaffected
Moisture Regain 0.4%


Wash Fastness ISO 105 CO3 Grade 4
Wash Fastness ISO 105 EO1 Grade 4
Rub Fastness ISO 105 X12 Grade 4
Hypochlorite Fastness ISO 105 NO1 Grade 4
Dry cleaning Fastness ISO 105 DO1 Grade 4
Perspiration Fastness ISO 105 EO4 Grade 4
Light Fastness ISO 105 BO2 Grade 4

(These fastness grades represent minimum performance levels and in practice the majority of shades will exceed these levels.)

Perma Core

View A&E Global Color Palette Where strength and looks waltz together
Perma Core is made continuous filament polyester core wrapped with polyester staplefibers. Perma Core is a high performance corespun thread designed to minimize sewing problems and maximize seam quality
The choice for versatility
Perma Core, the right choice for sewing applications

Shirts & tops Bottom wears
Sportswear Denim jeans & jackets
Kids wear Swim wear & lingerie
Intimate Apparels Home Furnishings
Dresses Gloves

Performance you can count on
100% polyester construction

  • Improved seam strength
  • Superior Color Fastness
  • Recommended for garments that are subjected to many wash cycles, enzyme, stone and chemical washes to maintain color consistency
  • Excellent resistance to micro-organisms, mildew, abrasion, ultraviolet radiation and chemicals
  • Reduce downtime and rejects due to seam failure and minimize repairs after laundry
  • Recommended for automotive sewing machines (multi-directional)
  • Superior Ply Security
  • Matt embroidery, stitch appearance.

Superior Strength Per Size-Higher Tenacity

  • Allows the use of finer sizes to minimize seam puckering due to structural jamming or excessive tension

The Perma Core difference : A complete range of sizes


Std Strength (gms)

Needle size

Singer Metric
18 900 8-9 60-65
21 1000 9-10 65-70
24 1225 9-10 65-70
30 1650 11 75
40 2100 14 90
60 3300 18-19 110-120
80 4100 20 125
90 4600 20-21 125-130
105 5250 21 130
120 6200 22 140
150 8300 24 180
180 9100 25 200
210 10000 26 230
Thermal Properties

  • Polyester melts at 250-260 degree celsius, softens at 220-240 degree celsius
  • Thread shrinkage in boiling water is less than 1% and in hot air is less than 3%


Bleaching Good
Alkalis Mild degradation caused by strong alkalis at boiling temperature
Acid Resistant to most acids
UV Radiation Very good resistance


Commercial Laundry Excellent
Home Laundry Excellent
Dry Cleaning Very Good
Crocking Excellent
Light Good
Dry Heat Very Good