Eureka Soft


Vardhman Eureka soft is nylon floss. The low twisted multifilament thread give the thread a soft feel and make it ideal for provide softness and comfort especially in “next to the skin” seams. It gives high extensibility and seam strength resulting in good seam security and low shrinkage characteristics, which ensures no seam distortion after washing. This thread is also used for next to skin wear embroidery applications due to its softness characteristic.


  • Lingerie
  • Inner wear
  • Knitwear
  • Babywear
  • Swimwear


Brand Name Substrate Tex No Ply/Length mtrs Breaking Strength (gms) Elongation % Needle Light Fast- ness ISO 105 B01 Wash Fast- ness ISO 105 B01
Metric Singer
Eureka Soft Nylon 66 Floss 45 2/5000 1950 22- 32 90-110 14- 18 4-5 4-5
Chemical Properties
Mineral acids Decomposed by strong mineral acids; resistant to weak acids
Alkalis High resistance to alkalis
Organic solvents Generally unaffected
Bleaching May be subject to deterioration, dependent on conditions
Insects / Micro-organisms (Mildew, Rot) Resistant to rot and mildew
Sunlight (Degradation) Good resistance to strength loss
Thermal Properties
Melting Point Meting point is 250ÂșC
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