Eureka Sol


Eureka Sol (Water Soluble Thread )as its name suggests dissolves in water for Temporary stitching, Wrinkle effects and Marker stitching.

Water Soluble Thread is excellent to use for

  • Machine stitching,
  • Fringe Embroidery,
  • Zip attaching ,
  • Hand Basting ,
  • Trapunto ,
  • Quilting ,
  • Applique Etc.

It Is also called Vanish thread. After Stitching when the garment is subjected to Normal wash at room temperature , the thread dissolves in the water and desired effect is observed.

Tex Size Available –27

Length : 5000 meters.

Strength : 900 grams.

Needle no : Needle number 11 Singer to be used for stitching.

As the thread is not lubricated so stitching machine Speed should be optimum for this application

Chemical Property :

Dissolves in room temperature in luke warm water.

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