Fuser is specially designed thread plied core spun thread in which having core of polyester filament which gives high strength to the final thread. Special coating finish is applied on the thread which is having specific melting temperature to provide the very good adhesive property to the thread at its melting temperature. It may be used as in the needles of either lock stitch/chain stitch button sewing machine. Once the finished coating is activated after getting the specific heat for its melting and this provide the adhesive property and secures the button in place by binding the thread.


  • Hand stitching of buttons
  • Bead security
  • Machine sewing buttons
  • Menswear and ladies wear


Brand Name Substrate Tex No Ply/Length mtrs Breaking Strength (gms) Needle



Fuser Poly Poly 24 2/5000 1000 75-90 11-14
Fuser Poly Poly 40 2/2000 2000 90-100 14-16


  • Adhesive property provides the increased button, beads or embellishment security.
  • Core spun thread provides high strength compare to normal spun thread for button security
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