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In the rapidly changing business & technological scenario, it is important for specialist support in different area of manufacturing. At Vardhman A&E we endeavor to fulfill these roles by providing a well-structured and systematic approach for identifying customer needs and translating the same into products characteristics.

Shop Floor Studies:

Shop floor studies are carried out by qualified textile technologist for assessing thread performance and relative productivity differentials in using different types of threads.

For enhancing of stitching room performance w can also undertake specific projects for achieving higher productivity, reducing wastage, thread calculation etc.

Technical Seminars

Thread Education Seminars are part of our value added services, during this class room study we talk of importance of using a right quality of thread, different application of thread for different fabric and sewing applications, and solutions for problems faced during sewing operations like Puckering/skip stitches/thread breakages/seam slippage.

  • Better understanding of the basic sewing applications.
  • Basic sewing machine terminology.
  • Identification and solution for critical seaming problems.

Thread Recommendation

Thread advisory reports is the key feature of our value added services. After analyzing in our Research and Development laboratory we provide thread recommendation for any type of fabric.

Thread Consumption

Our team of experts studies the garment and can tell you the actual thread consumed per garment. Click on ANECALC